2000 Years of Leather Vedasto Leather Shoes Were Seen in the Paris Museum

Recent measures in the protection of vedasto leather shoes works have led to a revision of the traditional methods of restoration of these works.

Among these changes, it is necessary to check the structure before treatment. The structure of these works is very vulnerable.

so usually works made of leather remain in buried and dry areas. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate and protect such rare objects with respect to their hidden values.

In this regard, a sample of leather shoes, which was obtained during the removal of debris in 2015 in the historical site of Qain Castle, was examined, protected and treated.

Investigations show the use of tanned sheepskin with vegetable tannins in the creation of the effect, and based on SEM/EDS analysis, the presence of 15% calcium in the leather .

structure strengthens the possibility of using lime for hair removal. The pH of leather was around 6.7; This pH level is a very favorable condition for the survival of leather.

Structural investigation by FTIR method also showed the structure of the leather in a good condition. A scanning electron microscope (SEM) was used to examine the fibers with high magnification.

The pictures taken show the partial activity of Aspergillus saprophyte in leather, the expansion of which would cause irreparable damage to the leather structure. The sample was cleaned mechanically.


and for leather treatment and softening, a combination of 25% PEG and 25% glycerine in ethanol was used, and for pest control, 0.25% phenol was added to the softening agent.

Examining the condition of fibers by SEM showed favorable conditions after treatment.


Leather, which is one of the oldest human-made artefacts and is referred to as the second first human technology (Malardi and Kargar Behbahani, 1381: 19; it is among.

the rare works from the excavation of buried areas. Valuable leather works over time remained and reached us today. Of course, due to the vulnerable structure of leather.

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