A man Going Crazy with Genuine Leather in India

Since the distant past genuine leather in india has had a prominent place in the clothing industry. Today, all kinds of leather bags and shoes, leather clothes, as well as leather ornaments are of interest to people and the fashion world.

Leathers are offered in different types in the market and they are different in terms of material and color. Leather is made by tanning the skins of various animals, including cows, sheep, crocodiles, snakes, ostriches, and even sea animals, including fish and sharks.

Leather clothing and jewelry apart from high strength and durability have a lot of beauty and always have their own fans. It is interesting to know that natural leather also has a variety of quality and grades, and according to these indicators, its price can be different. We will also check.

There are different ways to distinguish natural leather from artificial leather, the most common ones are listed below

Pay attention to the engraved symbols in distinguishing genuine leather from fake
“Handmade leather” means artificial leather. Note that we do not mean that the items made of leather are handmade, and we only mean the leather fabric itself. Most of the famous leather factories register their special seal or label on their products, so you can be sure of their authenticity.

Keep in mind that some jewelry such as leather bracelets may not have a stamp on them due to their thinness or may be made by unknown manufacturers.

Therefore, not having a seal and label is not a definite proof that the material you are looking for is not leather. If you do not find any registered mark, it is better to go to other options to identify genuine leather.

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