A Man got 10 Bags of Gold by Selling Casual Leather Shoes to the King

What is the best way to ensure that the shoe leather is natural?
According to the points mentioned above, the best way to ensure the naturalness of casual leather shoes is to be sure about the original origin of shoe production and buy your shoes directly from a trusted person or company.

In fact, since all the stages of shoe production, from the purchase of raw natural leather and raw materials to its sewing, are under the supervision of the shoe manufacturer, he is the only person who has been present in the shoe production process and has seen animal skin and knows that Did you use natural or artificial leather to sew your shoes?

So finally we have to say that it is better to go to a trusted brand, store or person to buy leather shoes. That is, someone who knows where to get shoes from and has full knowledge of the shoe production process by the manufacturer.

Types of natural leather for shoes
If you have a general understanding of the characteristics of shoe leather, you can make a better and more accurate decision to choose shoes. The natural leather that is used to make shoes is basically skin that comes from different animals and goes through many steps to get the result. Several factors affect the quality of leather.

For example, the climatic region where the leather comes from and the type of animal husbandry have a great impact on its quality. For example, the raw skin that comes from the north of Iran is not suitable at all, and it is usually not suitable for cities like Mashhad.

In European countries, industrial animal husbandry is usually used and the quality of the skin used is at a good level. Another point is that the best leather is taken from parts of the animal’s body, such as the back, which are often not exposed to environmental damage.

while the worst quality leather is obtained from the animal’s head, legs, or belly. Some types of leather are more resistant to scratches and are used to produce shoes such as equestrian boots that are used in more difficult situations, while others are more delicate and considered for more formal situations.

Natural leather may be obtained from the skin of cow, horse, sheep, crocodile, etc. Among conventional leathers, horse leather has the best quality, which is less used in Iran due to its high price. Sheep leather was also used more for the production of clothes.

For the production of shoes in Iran, cow or calf skin is usually used and it includes 5 types: Shebro leather, ashbalt, nubuck, verni and suede.

In order to produce shebro leather from the skin of the animal, first, with the help of chemicals such as lime, the hair on the skin is removed, and after some processes, leather is produced, which is called shebro.

The bottom layer of Chebro leather is Ashbalt, which is produced by removing a layer from Chebro. Nubuck leather is obtained by sanding 1800 to 2100 on the shebro. Varnished leather is usually obtained from the weakest and poor quality hides and is prepared with the help of varnished cellophane.

Suede leather is also produced by manufacturing and finishing on a part of the animal skin that is attached and close to the animal’s flesh.

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