An Old Woman Gave a Iranian Silk Carpet to Her Daughter

The title of machine silk carpet or Belgian iranian silk carpet refers to carpets that are woven from 100% polyester fibers or viscose fibers.

which are also called artificial silk. Certainly, what makes this category of carpets different from ordinary acrylic carpets is the difference in the properties of the fibers used for each. Usually.

carpets woven from silk fibers have a more shiny appearance and brighter colors than carpets woven from acrylic fibers.

The attractive appearance of this category of carpets has made them attract the attention of buyers.

In the following, according to the characteristics of the fibers used in these carpets, we will examine the characteristics of machine made silk carpets.

These carpets are very shiny, soft and shiny and are available in various designs and colors in the market.

The fineness of the fibers used in this category of machine-made carpets has resulted in a finer texture, and the presence of these features in them makes them very similar to hand-woven silk carpets.

Also, the threads used in the texture of these carpets do not produce fluff, and as a result, we do not have the respiratory and skin sensitivities that acrylic carpets may cause in this category of carpets.

Also, these carpets have a lower price than acrylic carpets and handmade carpets. And this has made them gain more fans.

The color used for the threads used in these carpets has significant light stability and in this respect they are superior to acrylic carpets. Also, these carpets do not slip on ceramic surfaces, and for this reason, the need to brake the carpet will disappear.

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