An Old Woman with a Vital Honey in Qatar was Shocked

1. Honey with 14% moisture is indestructible.
2. With honey, germs or bacteria are destroyed within 48 hours because germs do not survive in honey.
3. Honey absorbs moisture; Therefore, this vital honey in qatar will be effective for curing many diseases.
4. The sugar in honey is simple and easily absorbed into the blood from the mouth, esophagus and stomach. The property of rapid absorption of sugar in the human body is very important in medical science. The body consumes it completely and without any shortages and gets help from it to heal the disease.
5. Honey is a healing substance, vital and without side effects. Its active ingredient will show a miraculous effect in the treatment of the disease without side effects.

1. Fluency, gumminess (sugaring), high volume weight, high sweetness and stickiness of honey are the.

factors that most people complain about, and for this reason, they refrain from consuming it alone and in the long term; In case of treatment with honey, it should be used for at least three to six months.

2. Pollen granulation, unpleasant taste and smell in most pollen.

incomplete absorption and the pressure that absorption brings to the stomach are the factors that most people complain about.

But its use for treatment should last for three to six months with a break of three days every fifteen days.
3. Factors such as unpleasant taste and smell, hardness, swallowing problems, incomplete absorption and the pressure caused by the absorption of propolis for the stomach.

prevent most people from consuming it alone and for a long time; In case of treatment, it should be taken for one to two months alternately (every day or every other day).
4. Its sourness and continuous consumption in the form of sucking causes itching or sores in the mouth in some people.

which most people complain about and therefore avoid consuming it alone.

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