Basmavati Rice Spoilage of 10 kg in an Old Man’s Warehouse

Rice is one of the main foods basmati rice 10Kg of our Iranians. It is considered one of the most popular and popular staple foods in East Asia.

such as China and Japan. It may be interesting to know that rice was first grown in .

China around 8200 to 13500 years ago, and from there it spread to East Asia and then to South Asia, and then it was introduced to Europe and America by European colonists.

Varieties of rice
There are more than 120,000 species, among which only 5,000 to 8,000 of them have been separated and classified by the European Union and customs organizations to receive import duties.

The main types of rice are Javanese, Japanese, Indian and of course Iranian.

Iranian rice
The Iranian type has different types, which are generally in four types: sadri, tarem, round and high-yielding.

High-quality Iranian varieties are mainly cultivated in the north of the country, and the provinces of Mazandaran, Gilan, Golestan, Fars and Khuzestan respectively have the highest production in the country.

High-quality rice is planted in Mazandaran and Gilan provinces, and high-yielding rice is planted in other provinces.

In the Sirvan region of Ilam, a species called Ambaru is cultivated, which has not yet reached mass production.

Even though the rice grown in the tropical regions (south of the country) is not considered a high quality type like in the north of the country, it has more nutrients (iron, zinc, calcium, etc.) than other regions of the country.

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