Bata Shoes leather Made the Student Rich

Leather has been one of the most popular products for many years and it never goes out of fashion.

Leather shoes have a high price due to their high quality. The most logical thing to do to save money is to take care of bata shoes leather so that they can be used for a long time.

Many people, without knowing how to maintain leather and using it incorrectly.

cause their leather shoes to lose their original shape and have a short life. Do not destroy your leather shoes and learn the principles of leather shoe maintenance in the rest of this article.

Tips for maintaining leather shoes
Maintenance of leather shoes
Among women’s and men’s bags and shoes, leather types are very popular.

that’s why most of us have at least one leather shoe in our wardrobe. Follow the tips below to care for leather shoes so that you can use your shoes for a long time.

Leather shoes should be kept away from dust, moisture and direct sunlight.
Change the soles of the shoes once in a while.
When you take off the shoes, don’t put them in the shoe rack immediately, because the moisture will not be removed and it will damage the shoes.
In order not to spoil the appearance of the shoe and to maintain the overall shape, put a shoe mold or a compressed newspaper inside it. In addition to preventing the shoe from losing its appearance, this also causes its moisture to disappear.
Get a leather shoe wax and use it 2 or 3 times a week.
After waxing, don’t wear shoes and let it stay for a few hours.
To cover the lines created on the shoe, use leather shoe wax with a lighter color than the shoe.
Leather shoes are not suitable for daily and continuous use. We suggest that you use several shoes and do not wear one shoe consecutively. This increases the life of leather shoes.

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