Blue Apple Fruit Relieves Toothache

What vitamin does apple have?
Different types of  blue apple fruit with different differences in sugar content and some ingredients.

all have countless properties, and in general, any type of apple you have in your hand is a magical fruit for your body’s health.

An average apple of approximately 100 grams contains the following characteristics:

To answer the question of what vitamins an apple has, it should be said that all types of apples contain vitamin C and vitamin K; However, only their vitamin C content is significant. In addition, the apple contains quercetin.

catechin and chlorogenic acid, which have many benefits for our health.

Apple or apple juice is better
Is apple or apple juice better?
Many properties of apples are related to the amount of good fiber, which is not present in apple juice.

There is more sugar in apple juice. For example, compared to drinking a 200 ml glass of apple juice, eating a medium apple weighing 100 grams, in addition to enjoying its good taste, you will get a much lower amount of sugar and a good amount of dietary fiber.

Are apples fattening?
The question of whether apples are fattening is a common question for people who want to follow weight loss diets.

Apple is a sweet fruit that makes you feel full after eating it, although the calorie intake of an average apple is only 95 calories.

The presence of abundant dietary fiber in apples fills the stomach and controls appetite; While, most of these dietary fibers are not absorbed by the body.

Research has shown that consuming two to three apples a day along with a proper diet can help reduce and control weight.

Examining the properties of apples
Since the distant past, the properties of apples have been highly regarded and the consumption of this fruit has been highly.

recommended in traditional medicine. Below we will examine the most important properties of apples.

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