Dates that Used to Talk to their Owner at Night

To keep the garden products cold in the cold room, they lower the temperature, make the activity of the decomposing microorganisms less and slow down the deterioration process. This action keeps dates and other garden products fresh, even several months after picking them.

Also, gradually with the loss of moisture, the product becomes dry and wrinkled, which is not liked by customers due to the lack of quality and freshness. In addition, for the export of products such as dates, there are international standards based on principled cooling.

How is the date product stored in cold storage?
In all food cold storages, the environmental parameters should be set according to standard values and continuously controlled. Date storage environment must be disinfected and free from insects.

To prevent heat exchange, the walls and floor of the cold room need insulation. If the product is for export, it is necessary to comply with international rules and standards.
The ideal temperature range for keeping dates in the cold room is between -5 and +5. The temperature of the cold room must be under control.


and temperature changes outside the appropriate storage range can cause product damage. If the cold room temperature rises above 5°C, the possibility of spoilage and occurrence of pests in dates increases. Lowering the temperature below -5 degrees also causes frostbite and damage to the fruit tissue.

In general, any change in the taste, color and quality of the product causes the price to drop in the market.

Proper ventilation for date cold storage
One of the main effective reasons for keeping dates properly for a long time is to create proper ventilation in the cold room. The optimal speed of cool air flow among the shelves and packaged products makes the temperature conditions uniform at all points and creates stable conditions in the cold room.

This prevents temperature changes and its effects on the date product.

One of the most fundamental and important parameters that can be controlled in the cold storage of dates is the relative humidity, which prevents the product from drying out over time. The optimal relative humidity for date storage in cold storage is 85%.

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Principles of product picking in cold storage
One of the main reasons for the loss of products in the cold room, especially in a short time, is improper arrangement and not observing the correct spacing.

Proper placement of products in box pallets is necessary to prevent physical damage to the soft texture of dates, reduce cooling speed and prevent cool air circulation. For this reason.

even if your product is stored in the best and most equipped cold storages, if you do not pay attention to the correct arrangement, it will not maintain its quality until the appointed time.


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