Give Carmen Pear in India to Children

Home gardeners love planting pear trees because both the fruit is sweet and it is the easiest tree to grow.

Many fruit trees have carmen pear in india problems with insects. Many of them are susceptible to plant diseases.

Pear has fewer problems. They just grow and produce year after year effortlessly with little care.

Engirastor: Pears need less care than other fruits. However, it is also sweet, tasty and nutritious. Like apples, they can be stored for a long time if they are not yet ripe when harvested.

If kept in a cool place, they will last for several months.

Propagation of pear tree
Pears are propagated through seeds. It takes several years to grow from a seedling to a fruit-producing tree.

Most people take pear tree seedlings in small size to transplant and grow in their garden. Your local trees are older.

This small pear tree needs another 2-4 years to grow to give its first fruit.
You can also graft a branch from a pear tree onto other fruit trees.

Pear tree planting
Choose a spot in your yard that receives full sunlight. Dig a deep hole. If available, add plenty of decomposed compost and mix it thoroughly with the garden soil. If the tree you bought is in a container of compost, pot it.

It is helpful (but not necessary) to drill a hole in the pot to allow the roots to easily exit the pot. When making a hole, be careful not to cut the root, as you may end up hurting instead of helping.

If the tree is in a canvas bag, remove it from the bag. Gently insert the root into the drilled hole.

Soil the plant. Wet the soil thoroughly. Add more soil if needed.

How to grow a pear tree
Pear trees are easy to grow. Once planted, the tree grows well with little care. After planting a new pear tree.

it is recommended to support the tree in the first year of its life. Strong winds can bend your young seedling and cause the trunk to grow at an angle. They can also be a tree

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