Green Figs are Useful for Strengthening Nails

Najir is a fruit that is useful and nutritious both dry and fresh. It is used to treat many diseases.

from the perspective of the Qur’an and old medicine, it is also mentioned as the best fruit with olives.

Figs are one of the oldest fruits consumed by humans  so that based on ancient legends  some researchers even believe that the forbidden fruit discovered by Eve was a fig and not an apple.

but this is not the only strange thing about green figs . Because its properties and benefits are amazing as you will read in the rest of this section of moist health.

Did you know that figs were Cleopatra’s favorite fruit? Wondering what’s so special about it? Where do we start?

Properties of figs in pregnancy

Types of figs
There are five common types of figs, each type has a special taste and sweetness, and the types of this fruit include:

1. Black figs
This fig has black skin and pink inside. They are super sweet. They are perfect for eating as a dessert or mixing in a cake or cookie recipe to enhance the flavor.

2. Kadota figs
They have purple flesh and green skin. They are the least sweet among all fig varieties.

3. Calimyrna – Calimyrna fig
It is yellowish green outside and amber inside. They are larger than other types of figs and have a unique and strong flavor.

4. Turkish brown figs
Turkish figs have purple skin and red flesh. Their flavor is milder and sweeter than other types of figs. They are used in salads.

5. Adriatic – Fig. Adriatic
They have light green skin and inside it is pink. They are also called as white figs because they are very light. They are very sweet and can be used as a simple fruit dessert.

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