Make Delicious Jam with Dried Apricots Gluten 

The use of apricot dates back thousands of years. This fruit is available all over the world and it is available in raw.

dry, jam and… they consume In this text  we would like to write about the properties of dried apricots gluten how to prepare them and their uses, stay with us:

Apricot is one of the fruits known for its pleasant taste and beautiful color this fruit also has many properties that increase its nutritional value.

With a long and long list of nutrients apricot is considered one of the most nutritious fruits that people consume not to mention that apricot seeds also have the same properties.

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What is an apricot?
Apricot, with the scientific name Prunus Armeniaca and the English name Apricot is a plant from the rose family and the consumption group of tonics and laxatives.




apricot is a tree whose height reaches 8 to 12 meters its trunk grows up to 40 cm and it has yellow green heart shaped and pointed leaves.

The reddish white flowers of the plant are large and solitary.

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Its fruit is golden in color fleshy relatively small, round and has a hard core in the middle. The core of the plant is brown smooth and oval, inside which is a sweet and sometimes bitter kernel. This plant is native to Far Asia especially China.

In our country, this fruit is planted in some places, although recently it is cultivated in most of the western provinces of the country, which are mountainous. In the middle of summer.

ripe apricots are picked and stored in special containers in a cool place. Fresh apricots can be stored in the refrigerator in vegetable bags for a week.

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