Male Corruption Downy Fabric Softener in Bangladesh

The appropriate type of downy fabric softener in bangladesh should be selected after considering the combination during use with other materials and properties required in the textile.

Generally, cationic and silicone emollients top the list as far as softness and texture are concerned.

Polyethylene softeners compete with silicones in improving the sewability of fabric, and anionic and amphoteric softeners distinguish themselves from other softeners .

due to their hydrophilic properties. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable combination of softeners.
Types of emollients and how to use them. Types of emollients
The amount of softening coating that plays a big role in the underhand or final touch of the fabric; It will be very effective in the consumer’s decision to buy. For this reason, there are many developments in the field of softeners.

And today, new supplementary formulas have been modified taking into account the use and simultaneous use of emollients with other auxiliary ingredients.

the demand for multiple properties of emollients and high quality. The softener also faces various challenges during the textile finishing process.

and many research efforts have been made in this field with the aim of improving their final performance.

Mechanisms of softening effect
Softeners produce their main effects on the surface of the fibers. In addition, small softening molecules penetrate into the fibers and by reducing the glass transition temperature .

(Tg) of the polymer forming the fibers, it makes the fabric softer and more flexible.

The physical arrangement of the softening molecules on the fiber surface is important, and it depends on the ionic nature of the softening molecule and the relative hydrophobicity.

of the fiber surface. Cationic softeners direct their positively charged ends to the partially negatively charged (zeta potential) fibers, creating a new surface.

of hydrophobic carbon chains and ultimately providing the excellent softening and lubricity found in all cationic softeners.

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