Monkeys that Eat Raw Rice in India

According to ISNA, it is interesting to raw rice in india know that even though Iran is considered a good exporter for this product; Foreign types import it from neighboring countries.

Sometimes the goal of countries that are exporters in a particular product is to provide the variety needed by the market by importing the same product and sometimes to use it for export to other countries.

Regarding rice, according to an online news report, Yazdan Panah, Managing Director of Iran’s International Trade Center and Rice Export Terminal, stated that since .

agricultural products are seasonal, it is better to export the surplus in the same season as the harvest in the country. and in other seasons he bought the required amount.

so that the price can be controlled throughout the year and the producers will be encouraged to produce more products with better quality.

Of course, some products are imported with the aim of creating added value and re exporting to other markets (re-export), which is not the case with rice. In the picture below.

you can see the countries that import rice to Iran along with their share in rice import, and as it is known, the largest exporter of rice to Iran is India, followed by Pakistan.

Despite the presence of Indian and Pakistani rice in the domestic market, it can be said without a doubt that the import of this rice is mostly for domestic consumption.

Iranian rice export market
Therefore, the issue of import with the purpose of creating added value and re-exporting rice was ruled out, and the export of Iranian rice is only from the source of Iranian rice produced in rice fields inside the country.

Due to the sanctions, most of Iran’s products are exported to European and American countries through intermediaries, these countries import Iranian rice directly and indirectly.

The famous and well-known name of Iranian rice is the main and only reason for this trust.

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