Original Leather in India makes you More Beautiful

What is leather, what are its types and what are its uses?
Leather is a durable and highly flexible material that is obtained by tanning the raw skin of animals.

This material can be produced in different scales original leather in india from handicrafts and rural to heavy industries. In this article, the types of animal leather are reviewed.

Leather applications
There are different types of leather in terms of use, which have been discussed in detail in an article.

Leather is used to produce various products such as clothing (bags, shoes, hats, jackets, skirts, pants and belts).

leather wallpapers and leather furniture covers. Leather is also used in binding.

All kinds of animal leather
In general, common leathers come in four main types:

Full grain leather
Full-grain leather is leather that is not subjected to various processes such as sanding or polishing, etc.

The remaining grains on the leather make it stronger and more durable. These seeds have the ability to breathe, which makes it less humid over time.

Instead of losing its color and freshness, this type of leather gets rust during its lifetime. Leather furniture and quality leather shoes are often made from full grain leather. Full grain leathers are often finished as aniline and semi-aniline leathers.

High grain leather
High-grain leather (which is the most common type of leather in leather products) .

ranks second in terms of quality. In this type of leather, the inner separating layer is separated from the leather.

and as a result, this leather is thinner and more flexible than full grain leather. Its surface has been sanded and a final layer has been added to it, which makes the leather look colder and plastic-like and less breathable. Of course, this will prevent the formation of natural rust.

This type of leather is generally cheaper than full grain leather and is more resistant to stains and unnatural effects.

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