Paving Bricks Cashbuild Cause a Lunar Eclipse

Paving is usually used to completely cover a sidewalk, yard, etc.However, what we mean here are those stones that are placed in large sizes and in small paving bricks cashbuild numbers on the grass of a park, yard, etc.

and create a space for passing and walking. Paving is usually made of concrete and comes in a variety of styles and colors. By mixing and matching different colors and shapes of pavers.

you can create a patio, a sidewalk, or a walkway. While pavers can be set in mortar or concrete, many are placed over a bed of sand. This trend makes paving stones one.

of the most popular types. Paving can become a hobby for you, and while creating a handiwork for your garden, yard, etc., consider your desired design for its construction and thus.

fully show your creativity. . In this article, we are going to teach you how to make paving stones with the help of tree leaves, here with the help of rhubarb plant leaves.

You can create a kind of garden path in your desired environment by making sand molds with large tree leaves and casting different shapes in concrete.

Paving in four steps, ideal for the yard and garden
Walk to determine the number of pavers needed
By walking in your yard or any other desired environment, count and measure the number of pavers you need. In this way, the stones will more or less match your steps in the yard or garden.

o embed them in the soil, use a sharp blade to cut around each one and dig about 3 inches into the ground. To stabilize stones approximately 2 inches thick, backfill around them with a layer .

of pea sand and then with sand. Although you can paint the stones, covering the aerated concrete with a clear masonry seal allows each leaf to become a star.

first step; Preparing the leaves for the paving concrete mold
You need a large space and work area to spread the leaves on the ground and prepare them.

ace one of the desired leaves on the paper. Using a brush and cooking oil, coat the underside of the leaf as shown in the image below. This will help you to easily remove the sheet from the paver mold later.

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