Pu Leather in Sri Lanka Caused Two Clans to Fight

Leather or skin is a product with natural, renewable and nature-friendly fibers that is created through drying, tanning and tanning and other conventional methods.

for processing animal skin pu leather in sri lanka products have very high durability and natural stability, and they are highly preferred in terms of compatibility with nature and humans.

There are many different types of leather with different types of animal skins, which are often used in production according to the nature of the animal skin and the methods.

used during the tanning, drying and tanning period, as well as any other common methods of leather production. are taken Here.

you need to know that each type of leather has its most suitable application for producing a specific product.

2. Maintenance of leather products
We must know these points that you must take good care of and maintain leather products. Leather products are easy to maintain and clean if they are.

well taken care of and cleaned regularly. When you are looking for leather bags and shoes or clothing, you need to make sure that you do not use any acid .

or ink or chemical and other abrasive materials that may come into contact with your leather product.
When you feel it’s time to clean your leather product.

using a dry, soft cotton towel is recommended. When any type of liquid is spilled on your leather product, you should immediately wipe it with a dry, clean and soft cloth.

and as much as you can absorb the moisture on the leather by hitting it with the cloth so that it does not penetrate your leather. . If the leather is of a finished type that has .

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