Resignation of the President Over Vietnam White Marble in Bangalore

White marble is one of the most beautiful and unique marbles in the world.

The prominent features of all marble or onyx stones, including vietnam white marble in bangalore can be mentioned as transparency.

light transmission like glass, resistance, hardness, variety of colors, texture, porosity.

White marble

Features of white marble
White marble stone will give special peace and glory to your residential and office space. White marble is mostly used for luxury and expensive buildings or special office and commercial designs and gives warmth, peace, and special beauty to its environment.

In general, the brand name of marble in the world is Onyx which means bright and transparent.

In the international market, marble refers to stones that are made of layers with clear and transparent crystals.

There are many differences between marble and marble. For example, marble allows light to pass through and is mostly decorative .

(due to its high price and scarcity and special features such as pressure tolerance, water absorption, porosity, etc.), but marble is different in these features. This causes their use to change as well.

The transparency of the marble stones is so great that the viewer will see an image of a rough sea in front of him.

This transparency allows light to pass through them easily.

So that if marble slabs are used in the design of interior spaces such as the lobby wall or the counter table, it will create a very stylish and luxurious atmosphere.

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