Road accident and roadblocks due to the fall of sub-carpet tractor

CLAAS tractor manufacturing company in Le Mans, France, is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural equipment.

This company designs and manufactures all kinds of agricultural machinery for the large CLAAS Group holding, and its production capacity is over 8,000 tractors per year in its central factory in Le Mans.

The biggest challenge that CLAAS felt in developing its design and engineering team in different branches was using concurrent engineering technology in an effective and practical way and optimizing the production line in order to perform different production activities in parallel.

This company achieved this goal by choosing the 3DExperience product life cycle management platform from Dassault Systemes and by creating a large and unified database, it created simultaneous engineering and numerous optimizations throughout its branches.

By using PLM systems and integrating CAD design processes and cheapest sub compact tractor production processes, CLAAS has significantly saved the time required for validation and approval of 3D designs before entering the production stage.

The most important benefits that CLAAS has achieved using the PLM system are as follows:

Collaboration and connected, integrated and real-time communication
True concurrent engineering
Precise product quality and flexibility
Design based on function and performance
Significantly reducing the time to deliver products to the market
Increasing efficiency and reducing costs
Optimization in the planning process and production process agility

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