Sanitary Ware Used in the Aluminum Industry

The best toilets in today’s market are the sanitary ware that help preserve the environment with optimal water consumption and the use of high quality materials. Some brands produce toilet bowls with antibacterial glaze.

which keeps everything completely hygienic and clean for the next person to use. Duravit and Sinitra toilets are of this category; Because they consume less water during emptying and their ceramic glaze is such that they need the least cleaning agent for washing.

Types of toilets in terms of draining and washing

The early toilets were washed by vortex draining the water from the tank, which, of course, was not completely drained and caused many problems. Therefore, in the new series, this method is no longer used to empty the toilets.

In general, the emptying of the toilet is done either by washing the bowl from the built-in cisterns, which are called rims, or by jet washing. In both methods, water is drained from the tank by means of a mechanism built in the tank from the networks built in the upper areas of the toilet pan.

and in addition to completely washing the bowl, it also provides the appropriate pressure for emptying.

Rimless or No rim technology is the newest method for washing toilets.

What we need to know about toilets


More than 80% of the toilets have the classic white color, but there are also European companies that produce toilets with today’s favorite colors, among which Sinitra, Italy, can be mentioned.

Sunitra company has offered its wall hung (wall) and back-towel toilets in different colors and designs. The use of unique colors and of course compatible with 90% of ceramics in the world has made this brand have a good position among interior designers and architects.

Also, the combination of these colors in the contrast created with other bathroom elements such as faucets and bathroom accessories gives a special effect to the bathroom environment.

What we need to know about toilets

Living room and toilet door

One of the important components in choosing a toilet is the pan. Since the pan is in direct contact with water and other materials, it is recommended to choose toilets with a suitable and thick glaze in this area.

Pan is usually designed and made in square, oval and circular shapes and asymmetrical sizes. Depending on the type of modern and classic design, you can choose the pen shape.

From the point of view of body ergonomics, oval and square pen toilets are more acceptable and popular than other shapes in terms of ease of use. Forms such as round are often used for small toilets and mainly for children.

It is clear that if your service space does not allow the use of other toilets, it is recommended to choose round toilets due to their smaller size. Oval and square toilets, although they occupy more space, they provide more seating space and are often more suitable for countries that use faucets and hoses for washing.

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