Sri Lankan Pu Leather Made of Aromatic Perfumes

One of the traditions of ancient Iran is handicrafts, which have been preserved in Iranian culture and passed down from generation to generation.

Today, Iranian handicrafts are known and respected as a unique art in the whole world.

The fact is that the various arts of producing handicrafts in Iran are real masterpieces and each one has its own history.

One of these arts is pu leather in sri lanka embroidery, which is very old because of the long history of leather production in Iran.

A look at the ancient works shows that Iranians used leather to make shoes, clothes and weapons around 1500 BC.

Both in the past and in the world today, Iranian leather is one of the most popular leathers due to its geographical location and weather conditions, and various countries, including Italy, with its huge fashion industry.

are considered one of the main customers of Iranian leather. This source and appropriate position in the leather industry is one of the good positions for those interested in the art of leather embroidery.

By learning this art, in addition to the joy of creating and making new products, earning money and even entrepreneurship are not far away.

Art in Iran is a delicate craft and is famous for its unique handicrafts. One of these handicrafts is leather embroidery.

which from the very beginning connected itself with Iranian taste and was liked by many of its audience. The production of all kinds of leather products and their decoration in different ways, such as embroidering, burning.

embroidering, painting, and embroidery are considered handicrafts of Iran. Of course, leather embroidery is not only unique to Iran, since leather has been one of the primary materials for making all kinds of things needed by humans in the past.

in many countries you can see various leather products with native designs of those regions. Embroidery on leather in Morocco and also in Kashmir is considered one of the most famous of these products.

and we recommend you to those who are interested in leather embroidery to see their designs.

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