Suicide of a Boy with a Aluminum Brick in India

Brick is one of the most widely used construction materials and of course it has a long history.

Bricks have been used for building both inside aluminum brick in india and outside for many years. Basically, it can be said that brick was one of the first human structures for building.

There are different opinions among architects about the use of bricks. In this article.

we intend to state the advantages and disadvantages of using bricks in construction.

We will also introduce the types of bricks on the exteriors of buildings. Stay with us until the end of the article.

View the gallery of brick facades in different buildings

Introduction of types of bricks:

Bricks are used in different parts of construction due to their high diversity. For example.

it is used for wall covering, floor covering or even wall covering, depending on the customer’s taste, different types are used.

But in general, bricks can be divided into two categories: engineering bricks and ordinary bricks. In the following, we will introduce some bricks to you dear ones.

Perforated bricks:

Perforated bricks, which usually have between 8 and 10 holes, are produced by machine.

The application of these types of bricks is in the hardening stage of construction, where these holes are filled using mortar and increase the endurance of the wall. The price of these types of bricks is reasonable, so they are used in all constructions.

Chile bricks:

Chile has major differences from others, which have eliminated the disadvantages of ordinary bricks, and the reason for this difference.

is the use of porcelain stones in bricks instead of clay. For this reason, you do not see disadvantages such as high water absorption and color change in Chilean bricks. And it is suitable for any type of weather.

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