The Baskin Robbins Cake Poisoned the Neighbor’s Daughter

If you use a toaster instead of an oven to baskin robbins cake a You may have encountered problems to bake a cake in a toaster. First of all, it should be noted that if any cake can be baked in the oven, it can definitely be baked in the toaster.

but the principles and rules must be followed in order to have a perfect sponge cake.

If you want to learn how to cook a cake in a toaster, stay with us in this article from the Snap Market blog and read all the relevant tips to have a delicious cake.

The most frequently asked questions in this matter may be the following, which we will discuss below:

What should be done to prevent the cake from burning in the toaster?
What should be done to make the cake baked in the toaster become spongy?
What is the solution that sometimes the inside of the cake is doughy and the layer on it burns?
Ingredients for baking a cake in a toaster
At the beginning of the explanation of how to make a cake in a toaster.

it is better to mention the necessary ingredients and the required amounts of each. It takes 20 minutes to prepare these ingredients and prepare the cake. Of course, you have to allocate 45 minutes to bake the cake in the toaster.


3 eggs
Sugar 1 cup
½ cup liquid oil
½ cup milk
1 and ¾ cups of flour
Baking powder 1 tablespoon
Cardamom 1 tablespoon
Rose water 1 tablespoon
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Baking a cake in a toaster

How to make a cake in a toaster in 12 steps
It is better to know that most of the recipes related to the oven can be done in the toaster.

You can also prepare a delicious cake in the toaster with ready-made cake ingredients. But the most important thing is that the cake should be cooked evenly and without burning around it.

Next, after preparing the necessary ingredients for baking the cake in the toaster, we will come to the steps of preparing the basic ingredients and baking the cake.

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