The Brown Leather Hat that Killed the 2 Year Old Child

The French hat is a flat round brown leather hat with a narrow brim.

Although the French hat has a deep connection with the country of France, it has been used by people of different nationalities throughout history, and the French do not consider this hat as their own.

However, it is enough to put a French hat on someone’s head and they become French in a fraction of a second. The French hat is mostly made of wool and is very warm.

plus it is small enough to fit in your pocket when you don’t need it. This hat gives a special meaning to each person’s personal style. Throughout history.

a wide range of people in the society have worn the Farsavi hat. From shepherd to artist, soldier to web cinema. The French hat shows the mood of the person wearing it.

The history of the French hat from the beginning to today
The first hats
Shepherds wore the French hat in the early 17th century in the Bern and Basque regions of France. They discovered through experience that wool protects sheep from strong sunlight, wind, and rain, so it can do the same for them. It is said that they stuffed wool inside their shoes to keep them warm.

In the same way, they realized that the pressure from their walking and the moisture from their feet caused the wool to flatten and take shape.

In this way, the shepherds made the first French hats from the wool of their sheep. But to tell you the truth, they were not good hats and the shepherds’ hair always smelled bad.

Mass production
In the early 18th century, mass production of French hats began and these flat hats became the standard. The southwestern region of France had a long history of fabric production.

so it was only natural that they started producing hats that were famous and popular in the region. In the beginning, hats were sewn by hand in many companies.

When they began to machine sew this type of hat, the narrow brim was inadvertently removed during the process and had to be added later, because a French hat without a brim was no longer a French hat.

With the beginning of the industrial revolution and the migration of a large population of workers from southwest France to other cities for work, the French hat became known as the worker’s hat.

But it wasn’t just simple workers who wore French hats. From the mid-18th century to the early 19th century, Parisian artists used the French hat to express their artistic identity.

Maybe they wanted to imitate the great Renaissance artists like Rembrandt, or maybe they just wanted to keep their heads warm, even when their economic situation was not so good.

Whatever the reason, artists like Monet, Cezanne, Picasso and many others enjoyed wearing this hat. Even today, this type of hat brings to mind the image of artists.

In 1889, the French Army added the French cap to its infantry uniform. This model of hat was later used by the armies of many countries.

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