The Cook Found an Agate Stone in the Food

Properties of opal stone
Luxury jewelry: To know whether the agate stone you buy is original or not, the best way is to pay attention at the time of purchase.

The best solution is to visit a shop or a person whom you know and you are sure that he has a good knowledge about stones. The original agate has dotted, needle, cloudy and feather-like streaks.

These streaks may even be of another color. The veins created in artificial agates are artificial and not natural and pleasant like mineral veins. If you have 2 agates, one genuine and one artificial, the heavier agate is genuine and the lighter stone is artificial. Agate is only 3 degrees less hard than diamond.

so its stone resistance must be high and not break or crack with a small impact. If you’ve bought a ring or necklace with a gem scratched by a small bump, there’s a good chance it’s fake.

If, during the purchase, the seller treats the stone he is showing you with too much delicacy and sensitivity, this issue will be a good warning for you to pay more attention.

Agate has a nature opposite to the seasons; Summer is cool and winter is hot, while its industrial type changes according to temperature changes.

Red agate has many fans and its natural example is less than other types. Some centers heat the original agate and then inject the red color of some metals such as iron rust into it. Diagnosing this type of agate is not everyone’s job and requires tools and expertise.

opal stone
Properties of opal stone
Agate in narrations:
Ibn Shahr Ashub narrated:

One day, Gabriel came down to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and said: “O Messenger of God, my Lord sends greetings to you and says: Put your ring on your right hand and put an agate on it as well, and tell your cousin Ali about his ring.” put it in the right hand and place it as an onyx gem.

The Prophet conveyed Gabriel’s message to the Commander of the Faithful, Ali (AS). Hazrat Ali (a.s.) offered: “O Messenger of God, what is agate?”

The Messenger of God (PBUH) said: “Agate is a mountain in the country of Yemen.”
Imam Reza (peace be upon him) says: Agate eliminates poverty and dervishness, and removes hypocrisy in making agate.
It is narrated from Imam Jafar Sadiq (peace be upon him) that anyone who wears an agate ring in his hand will have a good end, and agate will ensure safety while traveling, and whoever wears an agate ring should not be disturbed.

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