The Disappearance of NCL Bricks in Vijayawada in Europe

The types of ncl bricks in vijayawada used in the facade of the building are called brick.

Refractory facade bricks are a type of modern and decorative brick, which are considered among the best facade bricks in terms of quality.

Refractory bricks are produced from porcelain clay and refractory clay, with a dense and coherent molecular structure.

This type of brick is formed at a high temperature of 1200 to 1500 degrees Celsius and the color spectrum of refractory bricks is determined based on the furnace temperature.

The basic materials and constituents of refractory bricks are minerals and special mineral pumice, which are able to create refractory and stable compounds like refractory bricks.

These refractory materials must have the ability to maintain the desired physical and chemical properties in high heat and various environmental conditions (various ambient temperatures).

Due to the use of soils that are baked at high temperatures and containing elements such as silica and aluminum in its raw materials, and the presence of various metal elements in the soil, brickwork can lead to a great variety of colors, including:

Red brick, yellow brick, black brick, white brick and various other color combinations create a wide range of different designs and colors for use in building facades and interior spaces, creating pure and unique works.

Brick facade coloring

Use of firebrick in the facade
By using firebrick in the facade of the building, you can be sure that the facade of your building will remain as attractive as the first day for future generations.

Of course, this is only possible in one case, and that is the use of firebricks with a standard formulation.

Unfortunately, the market is filled with all kinds of facing bricks called refractory bricks, but they do not have the necessary quality in the long run.

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