The Home Security Doors that Absorbs the Energy of the Sun

Today, having security and peace both at home and at work has become one of the concerns of all people, and everyone is looking for a place where they can have peace and comfort as well as complete security.

One of the cheapest and most reliable ways to create security and peace in any place is to use an original and quality anti theft door with various security features. In this article, we will learn about the anti theft door.

The anti theft home security doors creates more security due to its stronger structure than normal doors. Even the doors with accordion protection cannot provide this much security

. Anti-theft doors are different from other doors in terms of internal structure, locks and fittings, etc., and these reasons have made anti-theft doors superior.

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The anti-theft door has different structures and capabilities compared to the place it is used, for example, the metal anti-theft door is made of two layers of hard sheet with a thickness of one millimeter.

on both sides of the door and a layer of sound and temperature insulation. It is used for buildings and apartments. because it is not possible to destroy the door with noise in these places.

Or, for example, if you intend to use an anti theft door outside the city for factories and workshops, you should use stronger doors that cannot be entered into the desired location even by cutting the door.

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What is an anti-theft door?
In recent years, one of the construction equipments whose use has increased is the anti-theft door. The anti-theft door, as its name suggests.

is a door that prevents thieves from entering and is safe and reliable against any manipulation, destruction, and leveraging, and provides security for residents.

Due to its special structure, the anti-theft door is more secure than other ordinary doors, so it is more popular. These doors are more resistant and safer compared to normal doors, although they cannot be 100% guaranteed against any kind of manipulation and leveraging.

The anti theft door is made in such a way that it is optimally safe against cutting, pressure and leverage and has international standards.

Getting to know the anti theft door

The anti-theft doors that are made for office, commercial and security places have higher security and strength than the doors of residential houses.

because the steel layer that is installed between the two upper layers of these doors is much more resistant and according to The place where the door is installed.

various types of insulation such as sound insulation, thermal insulation, moisture insulation, etc. are used in them. Anti-theft door locks are different and are installed in the doors according to the level of security.

In general, the structure, materials, hinges and locks of security doors are special and different. In addition, the hinges of this type of door are not visible and therefore cannot be manipulated.

Anti-theft door structure
Anti-theft doors are one of the predictions that are used to increase the security of various places and buildings. The anti-theft door may be equipped with different types of anti theft locks. Each of these locks has different levels of security.


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