The Island People Put the Dead in a Coffin with a Cow Leather Jacket

There are generally three models of cow leather jacket , the Fitik model which has two pockets on the chest and sometimes there is a notch on the shoulders.

the motorcycle jacket has the least details, there are only two pockets on the sides, and the pilot jacket which has sleeves and the lower part.

It is furry

The choice of color is very important when buying

It is better to buy dark colors such as black or burnt brown because it has a classic look and can be quickly matched with all kinds of clothes.

If you are planning to buy a more informal leather jacket, you can choose from Use Brown Brown is always a more informal choice than dark colors like black

One of the most popular types of leather jackets is motorcycle jackets. The most popular styles of leather jackets available are motorcycle jackets.

They were first valued by an American brand called Shot.

Today, the popularity of leather motorcycle jackets has increased since the 1920s.


This jacket model has the ability to transform your appearance from an informal style to a formal one, and that is why its popularity is very high.

To match the leather jacket, take a pair of dark jeans and match it with a white shirt and a narrow black tie.

Wear a black pilot leather jacket on top of it and wear white sports shoes to create one of the most stylish casual styles. hit

Of course, it is better to use this type only on special occasions because it is not suitable for everyone and everywhere.

We suggest you to wear a dark leather jacket with a slightly dark blue jeans. You can also use dark shoes with it.

If you have baggy pants, it is one of the best items to pair with leather jackets.

Leather jackets can look attractive when paired with baggy pants due to their shape.

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