The Price of Colored Apples in Paris Due to the lack of Wood

What is the suitable soil for an apple tree? Planting apple trees in Iran is very important because of the favorable climatic conditions for the growth of this tree’s seedlings.

Anyone can easily plant an apple tree in a garden or pot by providing the necessary conditions. Usually, the season for planting trees is in the last months of the year. In addition to water, light and proper temperature.

a basic and important point for planting an apple tree is paying attention to the type of soil and choosing the right soil for its growth and nutrition. In this article from Javaneban site, we intend to review important points regarding the suitable soil for apple trees.

Suitable soil for apple trees according to the weather
Based on the type of apple tree and the climate of the region, we need a suitable soil mixture for the better growth of apple seedlings. In general.

for all trees, having clay and sand soils with appropriate lime and animal manure is the best soil. To plant apple trees in areas with special climatic conditions,.

a combination of different types of soil should be used along with appropriate animal manure. Apple trees often grow better in humid climates. While the cool and north facing spots are not suitable for other trees. Apple trees are mostly planted in these areas.

Suitable soil requirements for apple trees
In order to provide suitable soil for the apple tree, keep in mind that the roots of this tree have a wide spread on the surface; Therefore, the soil suitable for planting apple trees should be fertile and rich in organic matter.

and its permeability should be good. Based on this, they choose sandy clay soils, provided that this soil is well fortified with animal manures and organic materials. If you use organic materials.

they will decompose over time and provide nutrients to the soil. In poor soils, the annual growth of apple sapling branches is low, and the small leaves are pale green or yellowish, and the fall of apple fruits is high or the fruits are tiny and small.

Apple trees need a lot of sunlight, so choose a soil that gets at least 6 hours of sun a day. The apple tree needs a soil that is moist, but too wet soil is not suitable for it.



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