Washing powder are special detergent for washing clothes

Washing powder or washing liquid are both special detergents for washing clothes and fabrics in today’s washing machines.

The first detergent for hand and machine washing produced in wall mounted closet height from floor the world is a powder detergent that is produced by combining some chemicals.

Currently, with the addition of enzymes and stronger compounds, the cleaning power of the powder has increased more than before.

All you have to do is pour some of this detergent into tricot fabric the powder container of your washing machine so that it enters the pot along with the water and dissolves in the water little by little.

After the production of washing powder and the progress of chemistry and technology, washing liquid was produced.

This detergent is in the form of a thick liquid and should be poured into the japoudri in the form of a measure.

The difference between washing liquid and washing powder is in their appearance, cleaning power and performance in washing clothes, especially sensitive clothes, which we will explain further.

Whether washing powder or washing liquid, both are softener dispenser in lg washing machine made using chemicals that if it does not enter the human body, its use will not be dangerous for him.

Usually, detergents available in the market contain one or two alkaline, acidic, solvent, disinfectant and degreasing ingredients.

Although these chemicals are not toxic, using them snakes in the philippines and dumping them in the sewers harms the environment a little.

Therefore, when examining the difference between washing liquid and washing powder, it is not possible to give an opinion in terms of environmental damage.

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