Zespri Golden Kiwi that Cleans Your Intestines and Stomach

At first, we give a history of this fruit, where it is native and how and where it can be grown better.

Kiwi fruit was originally considered to be a native plant in southern China, which was only grown there. Over time, the planting of zespri golden kiwi fruit trees was transferred to other places. At the beginning of the 20th century, this fruit tree was brought to New Zealand, where it was planted commercially.

In terms of how to propagate this fruit tree, you should know that the grafting of this fruit after growing for about a week becomes a seedling and can be cut.

This method is one of the most popular methods of planting kiwi seedlings in the world, especially in China. For this reason, this country is considered one of the largest exporters of transplanted seedlings of this fruit.

The reason for naming the kiwi fruit with this name
It is interesting to know that the name of this fruit is derived from the name of a beautiful bird that was the national bird in New Zealand. Kiwi bird was the name of this bird, which was also attributed to this fruit in the sixties.

Kiwi and its nutritional value
This fruit is one of the fruits that has high antioxidant properties and contains significant amounts of 20 essential nutrients for the body. The interesting thing about consuming this fruit is that despite having low calories.

kiwi fruit is full of energy, and one of the most important reasons that make kiwi an excellent option for slimming and weight loss is its low calories and high energy. .

Kiwi is also a rich source of vitamin C. The amount of vitamin C in kiwi is higher than the amount of this vitamin in oranges. Comparing the amount of this vitamin in kiwi fruit with other fruits, you should know that vitamin C in kiwi is twice as much as orange and six times as much as lemon.

The amount of nutrients in kiwi fruit is 8 times that of apple fruit.

As you know, there are black seeds in kiwi fruit. These seeds also have nutritional value. These black seeds are rich in vitamin D. Kiwi fruit contains vitamin A and vitamins B1, B2, B3 and other B group vitamins.


In terms of the calories in kiwi, you should know that there are 47 calories in 100 grams of kiwi, and for this reason, in terms of the amount of calories, it ranks with fruits such as apricots and tangerines. Kiwi has a high amount of potassium, so much so that this amount is more than the amount of potassium in bananas.

Kiwi is rich in magnesium, and therefore, the presence of this magnesium in kiwi significantly lowers the risk of some cancers and heart diseases.

There are enough copper, iron and phosphorus in kiwi. Since kiwi is a fruit that is high in nutrients and has a very low percentage of calories, it can be included in the category of very useful fruits.

The mentioned nutrients in kiwi help a lot in the growth and maintenance of bones and ensure the health of the eyes, and it is even useful for having a comfortable sleep.

High amounts of fiber, vitamin K and potassium in kiwi ensure heart health and prevent potassium deficiency in the body.

Due to this nutritional property mentioned in kiwi, this fruit can reduce the symptoms of diseases related to upper respiratory tract infections and digestive diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome.

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